“Elementary, my dear Watson.  But not to me;

I was completely mystified.”

-- S. Holmes, 221B Baker Street

“Exciting English countryside murders; just my cuppa tea.”

-- Miss Marble

“Honorable story is like number one son at wedding; mix of fears, tears, smiles.”

-- Charley Chin

but seriously, folks:

Very smart writing, high style mystery mixed with sex, fascinating characters and an unforgettable Simon Grand.  Great beginning to a grand new series.

-- R. T. Jordan, Author

The Polly Pepper Mystery Novels

Like being part of a guided tour to a really special part of England – the new Forest.  This is an inspired idea for a series -- combining travel with an edge-of-the-seat mystery story.

               --Jackie Joseph, Travel Columnist

The Tolucan Times, Los Angeles

“Murder in Merry Old” is very merry and very murder-y.  A Grand read.  I highly recommend it.

                --Jo Anne Worley, TV and Broadway Star.

Really sophisticated, exciting story; lots of twists and turns. Great characters with fab leading man.  I especially liked the emphasis on high fashion combined with romance and mystery.

            --Bob Mackie, world-famous Costume Designer.